💰Chapter 5: The Tokenomics of Mickey Musk

In the magical realm of Cryptopia, our hero Mickey Musk discovered a crucial part of his journey – the Tokenomics of his own coin, $MickeyMusk.

Enchantment of the Token:

  • Named 'Mickey Musk' and symbolized as $MickeyMusk, this token was destined for greatness.

  • The alchemy of its creation was divided thus: 60% for the Presale to gather initial supporters, 35% for Liquidity to ensure smooth trading, 3.5% dedicated to a mystical Burn to enhance its value

The Wise Taxation:

  • In a smart move, a small tax of 3% on buys and sells was set, a minor tribute from each transaction to continuously fuel the marketing efforts.

  • This clever strategy ensured that Mickey Musk’s story would be told far and wide, attracting adventurers and believers to join in his epic journey.

With the Tokenomics set, Mickey Musk was ready to steer his quest forward, supported by a foundation that promised growth and excitement. This was not just a strategy; it was the heartbeat of his adventure, pulsing with the potential of what was yet to come.

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